you would think in a studio like ours - having paper and pencils lying around would be plentiful, but it is always hard to find these two simple things when you need to jot something down - so when I saw this note taking by john on a piece of wood, I couldn't help but giggle.


  1. this made me smile
    i imagined john asking you did you see that scrap of wood that i wrote on
    not like their aren't many scraps of wood in his workshop/studio

  2. my 14 year's palms are loaded with notes!! I can relate to the humor in it!!

  3. looks like our place. Hubby is also a woodworker so we have lots of notes on scrap wood rather than scrap paper. Although usually he can only find a sharpie (not a normal pencil or pen) :)

  4. So funnny :) sounds like my house- and whenever I do eventually find a pen it never works!


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