as the days warm up - we find ourselves at the end of the day in the park - our go to park is trinity bellwoods, but since I had to run errands first - we went to our old favourite - grange park.
there are ups and downs in life, but the key is to embrace life with open arms and to find ways to enjoy it. the happiness and joy kids have is completely contagious - I hope you enjoy this silly video I made of them, with drumming by unknown musician hanging out on the bench behind them.
enjoy your weekend friends! xxa


  1. hey what an adorable video of them !! Thank you so much for taking the time to do it & share it on Vimeo !
    Have a terrific weekend, Arounna & family !

  2. so so sweet!
    i love lliam's organized, thought-out maize contrasted with piper's random but determined method

    aren't kids great for putting your head in all kinds of places?

  3. Your babies are just ADORABLE. Thank you for the video :)

  4. WAY!!!! to cute, love she got herself all dizzy.

  5. Those kids are lovely! Thank you for sharing Arounna!:-)

  6. lovely photos ~ I know that spring is here because I see flowers all over ~ however, it's been raining here for the last few days like it will never end. (Portland Oregon). I'm not complaining because I love it here and the weather too, just saying!
    Enjoy your day!

  7. So cute! Piper doesn't quite get why her bro is turning this way and that but she's got to do it too.

  8. They're gorgeous! The drumming is a nice, serendipitous addition too.


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