thanks everyone for your kind comments about our place - we try to fill it with things we love and try to keep it comfortable since it is a kid friendly home. we have a lot of books, I collect books not so much now since I spend so much time on the computer - which is a bit sad. when we travel we are always stuffing our suitcases full of books. I like the tactility of books. you can't get that with the computer. I also like the quietness of sitting down with a book. around 90% of our books are art related. every artist or designer I love, I have their book. john is the same way, making our collection of books (and vinyls) a good size.
the first few images are of new organic cotton flannel baby blankets. the smokebush design was a test to see how I like it printed - when we first sold these blankets, they were blank and was sold as a set with a little softie - they sold so quickly, because once you touch it you had to have it. I also like how this fabric gets even softer with washing. I am thinking of printing our animals on them. this fabric is so lovely. I fell in love with this fabric when I saw emily hamill use it for her baby blankets. these new blankets and much more will be available at the spring one of a kind show which is happening in three weeks.
I treated myself to some things from fog linen work such amazing quality - so worth it! this is one of my all time favourite stores. when I sent in my order - the owner yumiko sent an email saying she likes my work and I was in a giddy mood all day.


  1. This looks wonderful. Would you be able to make a throw for a couch with this material?
    Yes, I love books too.
    Kind regards

  2. oh my, it does look extremely soft indeed !! And I love this print. So fresh & springy. (or even summery)
    Mmm Fog Linen, you have great taste, my dear ! And I'm not really surprised that she said she loved what you do !!

  3. this blanket is so nice.
    i'm glad you decided to print on it and the animals would be more than perfect.

  4. fog linen is a dream shop to add to our bucket shop list. As is your shop for a great many people.
    I love the organic flannel and if and when I have little ones in my family again, they and their cots will be decked out in bookhou.

  5. those baby blanket look so nice !!!! Oh what a good choice for fog linen work !!! I agree !!!

  6. just saw your little birdie towel in Martha Stewart Living. Congrats!!

  7. Can you believe we're getting another SNOW STORM...not really fair...I say...
    LOVE Fog Linen clothes...beautiful.
    AND OMG your baby blanket looks just perfect!

    Have a great evening.

  8. that is one beautiful blanket
    when will you have it online?
    will they come bigger?

    I love fog linen too

  9. Lovely photos. You can order from fog linen?? You just made my day! I love their products. Maybe you can have your home and studio featured in one of their catalogs now :-)

  10. I prefer 'real' books over digital too. But unfortunately, most of the books on my shelf are waiting to be read because I'm always too busy with other things. That baby blanket looks so soft- I love the print. And that shirt is gorgeous, I adore anything gingham!

  11. I absolutely love that green leaf print!

    How did you find the sizing of the Fog Linen clothes? I absolutely adore their stuff and am tempted to order something, but I'm always nervous about buying clothes without trying them on...

  12. hi nicole
    I found the sizing a bit smaller than usual
    so if your a med - you might to get large
    also they do one size on some of their clothes
    she will send you dimensions and you can try to
    figure it out. their cuts are flattering and the quality
    is truly amazing.


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