okay so the beautiful sunshine yesterday made me less glum about the snow sneeking it's way back in for one little last blast (hopefully) - so to put spring back in my step - I designed a new bag. I know that this little bag will be my new favourite. I contemplated about putting an adjustable strap with the same fabric - similar to the first field bag I made. but when I put on the shorter strap it sat nicely on my shoulder tucked under my arm. the only thing I'm thinking about changing is the snap colour - to a pewter colour (so that it fits with the leather colour) - I have it posted on the etsy shop and they will also be available next week at the ooak show. I will have a new booth display and more new products - please come and visit if your in the hood. It starts on the 30th which is fast approaching, but my long nights are paying off. I am in good form - I think it's a first - or maybe with getting older I am doing less freaking and more chilling. speaking of chilling - I'm looking forward to seeing nikole tomorrow night - it's been so long since I've seen her - so much to catch up on.
enjoy your weekend friends, I hope there's plenty of sunshine. xxa


  1. this new bag is very lovely ! Such a smart way to say to Mr Winter that Mrs Spring is here to stay & that he can go now ;-)
    Have fun with Nikole and enjoy your weekend too !
    Big hugs xoxo

  2. glad to hear you're on top of it all

  3. the new print on this bag design is very lovely
    I have the original field bag and love it to pieces
    enjoy your weekend!

  4. i'm completely in love with this bag - i saw it earlier on etsy. if i wasn't trying to save some cash it would already be bought. then again, i might have to get anyway...

  5. As you know, I also have the original field bag (thanks to the generous and lovely Margie) and love it! This one is beautiful too. I think a pewter snap is a great idea.

    Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy your time with Nikole. She seems like such a lovely person.

  6. I'm in love with that bag, oh and those shoes!

  7. Such a lovely bag, and I do like the leather elements. Hope Spring is here to stay! We're enjoying the relief of Autumn after far too many overheated days. xx

  8. i think it might be my new favorite too
    perhaps we should arrange a new favorite exchange

  9. Love the bag-such a great size and the leather strap is so great. Was wondering if you would be interested in making one with a longer strap? I like to wear my purses over the opposite shoulder so they don't slide off...just an idea:)

  10. hi heather
    no problem
    send me an email
    I can have it ready when you visit



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