okay anemone print overload - new pillow and tote bag - the bag is made with organic linen canvas and black leather handles - I really like this print so I used it on the header for the journal too. the bag is available here. also a little peek at our next tea towel design in progress - it will include this image john is drawing . those of you who are bird crazy like us will guess that it's a bird's nest - this one is going to be a big hit! yesterday I was at the printers across the street to get labels printed and the wind was so strong his door nearly blew off - whew that sunshine can be deceiving. I ran outside with no coat and it was freezing.
enjoy your day! xxa


  1. I don't think there ever could be too much anemone print. Gorgeous.

  2. gosh, John is such a gifted artist. I can not wait !! xoxo

  3. i love that print too! It looks great as a banner. I might need a tote like that to go with my twin grey toms. Please let john know I love his drawing. He should be part of the summer show too!!!!

  4. It is a FANTASTIC print! absolutly in lovely! Couldn't get enough of it. Specially looks amazing on the linen!
    And well done to thoses magic fingers! I am so impressed with the detailed twigs around the spring nest...

  5. Keep the work coming!
    You two are too inspiring.
    And yes, it was bloody freezing yesterday.
    But it's almost over, I can feel it.

  6. wow, it is so cool to watch john draw.
    can't wait to see more arounna!
    (and I love the anemone print!)

  7. beautiful tote!
    I love the anemone print design
    woooow john is an amazing drawer
    I can't wait to see this one
    it will be added to my collection of bookhou tea towels.

  8. I received my sets today and I absolutely LOVE everything! Thanks so much arounna. I plan to give them as gifts--so next order is for me! I'm afraid you'll become my new obsession. beautiful!

  9. that's wonderful Angelica! - so glad you love everything.
    yes - you will need to get something for yourself

  10. I lovelovelove the nest drawing!


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