lliam is off for march break and he's spent the first two days in bed with a cold - poor little guy. lil p senses his weakness and bugs him like crazy - you have to keep them separated. we were going to take an impromptu trip to NYC, but john had to much work to do - so we didn't, in hindsight I guess that was a good call. I went to barbara's house to do some dyeing - it was a lot of fun and we got some nice colours. I am doing a dyeing workshop with margie on friday at the workroom.
john's been working non-stop trying to get the kid's felt chairs out on time. he still needs to turn the legs on the lathe and do tons of sanding (something I definitely don't envy). I cannot begin to tell you how much work is involved in his process - the curved pieces laid out are chair parts waiting to be assembled, each of those pieces he steams and bends.
I am glad to see the weather is looking a bit sunnier and nicer - that always puts me in a good mood. funny story - I was in line at the post office sending out my online orders and a lovely lady standing in line I guess was reading our return address and shouted out "your bookhou! on dundas west - I love you guys" - that put a big smile on my face.
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your visit here - I hope your weeks been good so far. xxa


  1. That's exciting...and you've created such a lovely space here full of uniqueness and fun. So...thank you!

  2. kind of jealous i couldn't be part of your mid week dyeing with barbara but there is friday to look forward to.

  3. O, Margie, it would have been so nice if you had been too. I still am hoping we can all get together again in warmer weather and see all our work together on the clothes line.

    John's work is so involved!
    He makes it look so easy but these photos tell a different story.

    hope Ll and P get over their colds in time to enjoy some of the March Break

  4. Beautiful color.. looks so natural..

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.

  5. Such yummy colors there!
    I have so much admiration and respect for John's work...it's inspiring!
    If I would've bumped into you in the post office I would've given you a HUGE hug! I love you guys too ;)
    I'm ridiculously envious of your workshop time with Margie...have fun!

  6. It always amazes me how craftspeople can bend wood like that! They look so smooth and perfect. How exciting that someone recognised you :)

  7. your husband's work is well worth the effort -- his chairs are truly remarkable. and your handiwork is, too. i always marvel at how much, and how well, you do. and, i was so pleased to see one of your prints on a credenza on the last page of this month's Dwell!

  8. I love hearing about your creative art collaborations!
    I've included you in the stylish blogger award too! I've posted about it on my blog.


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