hi everyone,
the end of the week has arrived and lliam is feeling better - he even had the energy to go to the park. I feel badly that his break week was spent in bed and miserable - we will have to do something special for him on the weekend. today will be a fun day with margie - we will be dyeing up a storm with julie at the workroom. margie and I are so addicted to the workroom that we signed for 3 different classes - more on what we are doing soon. above are images of my new sprout design printed on a tea towel, oblong pillow and storage box. I will have these online soon.
I hope you have a beautiful and creative weekend. xxa


  1. so beautiful, especially the gold!

  2. I like all of your and your husband's spring designs. So different, but stirring the same feelings.

  3. i hope we sprout some nice dyed things today

  4. good to hear Ll is feeling better

    enjoy your day dying with everyone

  5. Love the new design, very much!
    Have a lovely weekend dyeing, and have a lovely weekend sharing something special with your son.. (glad he's better!)

  6. so very glad to read he's better already :)
    The new design is very lovely, very organic, specially in those tones.
    Have a blast with Margie & the other girls :) oxox

  7. So happy to hear that your little one is feeling better (though what a pity that he was sick during March break—no fair!)

    Have fun today! I will be in Toronto this weekend, and am crossing my fingers that I will get a chance to visit your store!!!

  8. so happy lliam is feeling better. just in time for the warmer weather!
    I really love this sprout pattern. I love it in the white on linen.

  9. I love it!
    Hope you guys have lots of fun today...I will be thinking of you two ♥

  10. i cannot get enough of this sprout green color :) so invigorating

  11. it was a nice surprise to find you in the dyeing class arounna - and i was seriously kicking myself about the leggings when you brought that up (had just been in AA looking for socks to dye...so close!).

    i hope we can make up for it sometime, i feel like the pole wrapping technique would make perfect leggings.

    p.s. these prints are lovely.

  12. love this new print, and the colours you've done it in are right up my alley. beautiful as always!


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