happy spring everyone - even though it's not quite spring weather - to say winter is behind us is such a relief. I have done so much cutting and printing over the weekend - that there is just sewing left. I'm lucky I'm not a ceramicist - I couldn't work on the fly like I do now - I would have to be waaay more organized. I had such a fun time doing the dyeing workshop. I did this tea towel with the fibre reactive dyes. I am sure there will be more experimenting in the near future.
john and I snuck away from the shop and kids for a short time on saturday to go to joy's opening at mkg127 - if you get a chance you must check it out - her work is so beautiful. the colour piece is a giclee print of drawings she did with light on construction paper - she mentioned that part of the reason the work is a giclee print is because if the paper sat exposed to more light the colour of the paper would disappear. the nice pile of boxes is a beautiful minimalist sculpture that she stumbled upon in a shop and thought it reminded her of a Louis Kahn building. on the subject of Kahn, if you have some time you should watch "my architect" a film about Kahn by his son Nathaniel. I will be at harbourfront for most of the day doing my advisory duties in the textile studios.
have a good one. xxa


  1. Stunning images. The tea towel is yummy!

  2. Looks like you had tons of fun !
    I wish you a terrific first week of spring !

  3. can't wait to dye again with you

  4. The tea towel is amazing! I'm loving purples and lilacs these days too :) Happy spring Arounna! Hugs xoxo

  5. Lovely photos as ever and thank you for posting about Joy's work, it looks fascinating - beautiful and spare.

  6. loving the new items! keep up the great work - I miss walking by your shop since I relocated to Ireland :(
    the row house nest


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