a picture of the remnants of my valentine flower bouquet - I love receiving flowers from john. my favourite boro book from an exhibition I saw called ragged beauty at mocfa in 2004. these textile pieces remind me of a painting or an aeriel view of fields.


  1. oh, I love the way you captured the remnants of your bouquet. It will last so much longer now you've captured it on photo ! ;-)
    and that book, oh my, that book !!! I think I'll be thinking about it all day LOL

  2. Those textiles are beautiful! There's something about the indigo blue that I just love. These totally remind me of the textiles posted on the blog Sri Threads. http://threads.srithreads.com/
    You'd love their blog. In fact maybe I found the blog through you!
    Have a great day!

  3. I love the boro fabrics
    I've been to sri threads and they have such a nice collection of work
    I also like your first photo, a very nice arrangement.

  4. The colors of the fabrics are amazing, the stitching almost acts as drawing outlines - an interesting detail. I visited mocfa gift shop last fall, too bad the gallery was closed for renovation, but the hand made objects were one of a kind and truly inspiring.
    There's something beautiful about the first photo.

  5. It made me think of Sri Threads too. Lovely stuff!

  6. i very, very much like your dried valentine flower on the white board. greetings from berlin, lotte.:)


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