hi everyone,
hope you had a lovely weekend - we enjoyed a few days of sunshine and light coat weather. john wants to thank you for your warm birthday wishes. happy family day - we are off to visit the model railroad club of toronto...so I'm not the first in the family to admit that this wasn't my first choice, but I was out voted - I guess three years of intense thomas everything has made me a bit weary of small model trains. at least I can appreciate the construction and attention to detail these model trains entail. on the weekend we also managed to squeeze in some letterpress printing. I like how the printing quality almost has a photographic quality.
on friday we got our shipment of flat boxes for our alphabets - it took a big wholesale order from a not so small american retailer to make us research the proper custom shipping boxes. all weekend I've been repeating to john "how can a pile of boxes make me so happy?" - this will speed up packaging like you wouldn't believe. we just need to wait for our UPC code stickers and away they go. I will let you know the retailer as soon as they get them and do their launch. the other image are my two favourite carving knives - the opinel knife was given to me by my dad when I was around twelve years old - he frequented lee valley and I would tag along - is it strange that kids my age were interested in clothes and make-up and I was interested in getting a carving knife. the black knife was given to me by john.
enjoy your day everyone! - hope it's a creative one. xxa


  1. Oh yes, weekend was beautiful...
    Your alphabets are great, love it very much! Also the cards! Have a good start in this week!
    Greetings from bavaria, Lupinus Salon - Therés

  2. The knives are beautiful, they remind me of the cherry-handle knife I bought for Art the first time I knew hem and gave him a birthday present. I hardly knew him and didn't know if he'd like it. the guy who sold it to me said that if Art didn't like it, i could come back and give it to him.

  3. i have a lee valley carving knife just like that:)

  4. ah - I think maybe efficiency makes you happy! I am also excited about the boxes, and the news they bring.

  5. not strange at all
    as a young girl, my dad gave me a pocket knife too.

  6. the Opinel knives are made not that far from where we live here (not close, but not that far anyway). My dad has one or two.
    YAY for the wholesale order, I can't wait to know who it is. I spotted your alphabet in Marie Claire Idées (big magazine over here) this month, but when I saw the seller, I thought I had a heart attack !! I checked her site & she must be one of your reseller in France ! I can send you the pic in an email if you want :)
    much love your way xoxo

  7. hi sonia
    I would love to visit the opinel factory
    yes - please send me a pic I would love to see it
    yes - it happens often that my retailer will get the credit.

  8. will the custom boxes help lower the cost of international shipping (NZ)? We really really want one for our new exciting letterpress & art space, but alas, shipping from the americas to nz is always so high!

  9. hi miss fae

    sorry - the international shipping will be the same
    the new boxes are just going to help us package them nicer and more efficient.


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