our friend Art Di Lella made these beautiful whales casted out of bronze - the sculptures are one of a kind and once they are gone he won't be making more. I will post more photos later - they will also be up for sale on our etsy shop. Check out the process shots of Art applying the patina over at Barbara's blog.


  1. These are AMAZING!! How many are there and how much will they be? So awesome.

  2. Hi Jenny
    there are only three - the price range is $600-$800
    the one on the rock in the first image is $600

    they are hollow so they wouldn't be too expensive to ship.

    if you like I can email you more photos.

  3. These forms and their finish are beautiful (especially with the insight of how the artist creates). I would be interested in seeing a few more images of the one in the bottom image (blue whale?) -is it still available?

  4. the whales are stunning
    I too like seeing the patina process


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