the air was crisp and cool last night when we were walking to judith's opening in her studio - sown in washi had a wonderful turn out and the work was beautiful - the pictures I took doesn't do it justice - they are dyed paper that judith pieced together and sewn. every sunday afternoon in november she will have her studio open - check it out if your in the neighbourhood - her studio is located around the corner from the paper place.
if you have little ones - this weekend is pretty exciting times. lliam wanted to be a dinosaur (a t-rex to be exact) for halloween - and he specifically wanted a handmade costume (that's my boy) I made his tail out of an old pair of pants and john worked on the head with lliam's help. I liked how john crumpled the cardboard to give the surface more texture. lliam and lil piper will be in full costume later in the day and I will post a photo of what they wore.


  1. ooh! her studio and work looks amazing.
    I love how john is shaping the t-rex head! It looks really professional! Liam will have the best costume this year!
    what is piper going to be?

  2. glad you like it celine
    john is talented that way - I think piper might be a ghost or as lliams says dhost.

    she's a bit more difficult to put in a costume, because she likes it for all of 1 sec.
    have a great weekend.

  3. should be a fun Hallowe'en night; have lots of fun and treats, Lliam and Piper

  4. that is an incredible t rex
    just look at those sharp pearly whites
    I hope piper doesn't get eaten like a mc dinosaur happy meal:)

  5. such a great job they both did
    I really like the square sewn paper piece
    such a lovely piece

  6. How wonderful that he wanted a handmade costume! You guys did such a great job, and I bet it would look beautiful hanging in his room when halloween is finished.


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