It's a lot of fun working with black india ink - it's probably one of my favorite mediums. I also enjoy random scribbles. This is a project that allows you to deconstruct those scibbles and collage them together to create an unexpected image. Please visit bloesem kids for all the instructions. happy 2nd birthday lliam xoxo. the lovely Jan from Poppytalk is wrapping up on being a guestblog on Design Sponge - she asked us to be part of her series on artists and their studio. Please have a read over at Design Sponge guest blog. one of the things that I really enjoy these days is printing - lino printing is so fast and easy and has so many applications - give it a try - instructions over at bloesem kids. I woke this morning to find our kitchen floor littered with cupcake paper - I think lliam had fun taking each one and laying them out - john commented that he'll be a sculptor like his mom. I also noticed on our credenza all his toys arranged as if waiting to board a boat - planes, trains and a dog?. a drawing bug? - yes! -this is such a fun fun project - check out how to build one over at bloesem kids. Coming soon you will find a big selection of bookhou's baby collection over at planet kid on queen street west. this past week has been stressful - we are searching for a brick and mortar shop and have been confronted with disappointment and hope - We have one last place to view and we'll see if it will work out - I know that if we were to leave our current space I would miss the space - john worked so hard to make it a wonderful home for us.

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