a snow covered journey

wednesday is one of my teaching days in Oakville (west of Toronto) - it is normally a pleasant 25 minute drive. The class starts at 9am and I usually leave a bit after 8am to drive out there for a full day. With the pending bad weather approaching I thought it would be best to take the train instead of battling the bad weather. I awoke at 6:30am (anyone who knows me knows I don't get up at 6:30am) and quickly checked the schools hotline hoping for a cancellation. I got on the bus at 7am to get to the subway. I took the subway to the train station and got on the train at 7:55am arrived in Oakville at 8:45am and got on a bus to go to the College. The whole time on the train I felt like I was in a winter wonderland snow globe. Most people are travelling into the city so the train was practically empty. I can't believe most of my students do this daily. I am definitely not a morning person commuter. I really enjoyed putting together this mobile. Hope you also enjoy it. Please check it out at Bloesem Kids.


  1. I'm assuming you teach at Sheridan college...a lovely place. I took a textile design course there :)

  2. Yes - they have a superb textile program


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