paper cuts

I've always enjoyed the silhouette and simplicity of paper cuts - the paper cutting is dominate in a lot of cultures like - German Scherenschnitte - Chinese and Mexican paper cuts. In art their are artists like Ed Pien just to give you a sense of scale the figures are life-size. Kara Walker uses the paper cuts as a narrative to her work - Walker says "The silhouette says a lot with very little information...." I foolishly asked Rob Ryan how much his paper cuts were hoping I can have one - I can only afford to admire them from a far. We saw Yuken Teruya's work at the Guggenheim in New York and was amazed by the intricacy - he makes paper cut scenes from well known shopping bags. I really enjoy the humour in the work of Peter Callesen. Paper cuts are also dominate in design - the first image that comes to mind is Tord Boontje's ever so popular garland light and designers like Heather Moore just to name a few - I am sure there are sooo many more - I just wanted to mention a few and will get back to this topic another time.


  1. Is the photo at the bottom your cut? I love it! I'm trying hard to loosen up myself. You seem to have achieved it.

  2. hi - no it's not mine - it's Heather Moore - the link is just above the image

  3. You know, I came here to get a link because I was giving you my You Make My Day award (congratulations), and now seeing my papercuts included with those spectacular other ones.... wow, you really did make my day! Thanks very much.


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