e d i t i o n s/multiples

e d i t i o n s - is a reissue of an idea that I did 6 years ago. The idea of multiples/editions is not a new idea - in my exhibition catalogue it references artists that do this kind of thing like Joseph Beuys and Kiki Smith. e d i t i o n s - is going to be a limited edition offered each month and will range from a laser cut drawing - hand bound book - embroidered brooch - original drawing made into a rubber stamp - personalize book plates - original drawings on ceramics - sculpture, etc.

These pieces will only be available at my bookhou at home etsy shop  (they will be a closed edition - meaning they will not be reproduced) the edition will remain in the web shop till they are all sold- the edition sizes will range from 10 - 50. You won't need a subscription, you will have the option to pick and choose which items you want. The journal will keep you up to date on the launch date of each - e d i t i o n.
no. 1 birds cut out SOLD OUT

no. 2 windows SOLD OUT

no. 3 tree rubber stamp SOLD OUT