hi there
I hope you had a nice weekend
even though it was a bit chilly I feel like the weather is going to start looking up
on saturday we trekked to hamilton to visit my sister's new baby emma
before we went - the crownflora boys and the family went to the royal botanical gardens - more pics later in the week.

I think that photo of emma looking at lliam is too funny - he was unsure about holding her and that expression looks like she felt the same. I think emma and piper will have fun growing up together, as you can see they both love pink.

I think going to visit a greenhouse helped my winter blahs - I recommend anyone who's feeling that way do the same.  I think we will have to visit when it's nicer out - so that we can check out the grounds.

I hope you have a great start to your week - we have one more week of production before the spring craft show and it's going to be a race to finish.


  1. What little sweethearts ! So precious indeed !

  2. precious photographs of your tiny niece and the your children


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