hello there,
thanks so much to all the folks that came to support us at the craft show.  I am pretty exhausted and will spend monday organizing, cleaning and taking photos.  there will be a big shop update on all the things I was giving you a peek of on instagram.

I hope you are enjoying the warmer temps and hopefully it will get warmer each day.

have a great start to your week and chat soon


  1. everything at your booth looked so amazing . It was no wonder it was the busiest booth at the show. xx

  2. Hi Arounna, I do hope that bag in the upper right corner will be for sale. The colour is lovely. Waxed canvas?

    1. yes katia in a few days, thanks for your interest

  3. Oh I love all these colors together ! I'm so sad to live so far away ! I would have loved visiting you at the show ! xoxo


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