hello there
boy have I neglected the blog these days
with instagram being so quick and immediate (no sizing photos, no uploading) it makes posting so much easier and faster.

I wanted to pop in and say "hi" hope things are going good - we are happy to be wearing our less heavy winter coats and feeling like winter is finally saying good bye and making room for spring. the kids started their first day of winter break and piper is content with being in her pj's all day and not brushing her hair.  we have a few evening and day trips planned - one of them going to a maple syrup farm.  it's hard for us to take a whole week off but our kids are good at working around our busy schedule.

I posted a few new products online - it took me longer than I hope because my late nights just escape me and when it's 3am my bed looks more alluring than the computer :-)

well enjoy your spring break if you have little ones and hopefully in a few weeks we will be bathing in more sunshine.

I don't know about you but the daylight savings time on sunday made me feel jet lagged -what's up with that?

enjoy your week! - xxa


  1. ooo i just found your blog! love it. these pieces are so stunning!

  2. I don't like this time change . The mornings are so dark! Why mess with time ?


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