I wanted to end the week with some reno progress - well the cold weather is not a great factor when there's a lot of outdoor work, but last week we had a bit more tolerable weather and the outdoor work continued.  when we first got our building there was tons to do and it definitely didn't look like it does today and one of things I regretted during the first round of renos is that I didn't take a lot of before shots, probably because I partly didn't want to remember how bad it was.

the first shot is our deck and j is standing in the walkway (covered) that leads to the studio above the garage and there will also be a staircase that leads to the back of my studio.  this area will all be glass so it will be a lovely combination of indoors/outdoors. and in the first photo at the top left hand corner you can see a bit of the kid's own deck on the third floor - the bottom picture is facing the studio above the garage - that opening will be all windows and the top of the pole to the right that is covered in tarps is the height of the studio. it's going to be a great open space and I am super excited to see all this progress and it only gets better.  next week the roofers will be working in this area and afterwards the deck will be built and I think the windows should arrive in a few weeks.

have a great weekend - stay warm and toasty :-)


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