a lot of my instagram photos are taken with my ipod and I use an app to fix the image - I always get asked so I thought I would mention it, so since I do that a lot I forget how awesome it is to use a real camera - the clarity.

it's been hectic around here trying to get work finished for the DO DESIGN exhibit that's starting today with the opening reception from 3-8 street wide on saturday jan. 25th .  we are one of the venues with a reception, so I hope you can pop by and see the replenished shop and all of j's beautiful bell jar lamps (and display bell jars)

I will have more photos to show you friday but I thought I would show a few new pillows.  lately I am into reworking new prints and doing small things like changing the ink colour.  I like revisiting ideas, it helps me grow.


  1. That green color with that print ... yummy !
    Yes, using the phone & IG is practical, but the real "McCoy" is of such a better quality !

  2. isn't the opening reception on saturday? Sorry i am a tad confused :)


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