hi everyone
I had a great weekend in montreal despite the snow storm which made the very frigid weather a little nicer.  I am amazed every time I go to montreal how all the folks come out in hoards to support handmade.  I had probably my best show ever and truly thankful to all of you that supported us and came by to say "hi".  I really enjoyed using my very limited french in answering questions.  I sometimes would have conversations with people - me speaking english, and them french.  I can understand more than I can speak.  I really like the new venue it was right across from the metro station and it was so convenient.

next week we will be taking a bit of holiday break and the brick and mortar is only open till the 21st and we will be back to work quickly.  I have a few wholesale orders to fulfill, one of them being quite huge and will probably take a month to complete.  I am also excited to work on new prints and a few new designs.  I am also going to streamline both shops to only include the bags and offer the other items in short periods of time.  I have more time now to blog since all the major craft shows are all finished.  

thanks again to everyone who has been so kind to us.  


  1. I just love your products and I admire the way you combine work and family so gracefully. Sending you best wishes for a sparkling holiday season, Arounna!

  2. Ooo those photos are lovely! X)) I love Montreal so much!! Though I've only been there twice (as it's halfway across the world) but everytime I go there I love it.
    Your blog posts are wonderful and so inspiring! Have been a big fan of your creations and when I was in Toronto once (weekend trip from Montreal ;p) I DID stop by your store to get a bag! Still using it now. <3


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