this will be my 10th year doing the ooak craft show and every year I change my booth, it's probably close to what I want it now, but there's still always slight modifications. I wanted wood hooks to hang bags on one wall and I asked j to make me nicer ones rather than just using a dowel and he turned me this one as a prototype.  I'm a lucky girl to have a great woodworker on hand.

also I wanted to show you more spoons in progress, after this batch is done I will finally have a shop update.  so follow me on social media to be notified of when they will be listed.


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    1. yeah I know, I told him to - most likely he won't - he's so busy these days
      I'm sure he will make some for you

  2. I really don't know how you find time for sleeping. You do so many things at the same time !!
    Your spoons are to die for, my friend.


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