I wanted to end the week with a few snapshots of the progress of our renovation.  the kids floor now has a functioning bathroom and their deck is currently being built.  it's a huge deck (it was suppose to be a balcony and we had the space and I asked them to build it to it's maximum) I really like the tiles on their bathroom floor and j built the shelf that the sink sits on, he will build a cabinet below for storage.  we made sure in lliam's room he had display shelves for all is lego. also there has been a lot of progress in the excavation, as you can see in the photo they are almost at ground level.  so excited !

thanks for all your comments and emails on fighting a cold - I feel much better now and ready to tackle the holiday season.  I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love this! Great progress, thanks for sharing!

  2. those are our bathroom tiles!!! enjoy. Tail wags ~moose

  3. Looks amazing! Can't wait to visit next time and see everything :)

  4. where are the tiles from? Would love to have one such in our new bathroom.

  5. where are the tiles from? I would love to know for our new bathroom


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