hi there,
I hope you had a lovely weekend
as you can imagine today is going to be insane - we have a bunch of orders to ship, we're still producing for both the online shop and the craft show and tomorrow is move in day to set-up our booth.  I have to admit this controlled chaos makes me excited and seeing snow this weekend definitely put me in the holiday spirit.

thursday is the first day of the one of a kind show - I will be at booth Q-07 and if you havn't gotten your tickets yet - go to this link and get $3 off.

also just a little reminder if you want to come by the brick and mortar we will be closed on the saturdays nov. 30 & dec. 7 - we will be here during the week, but to be honest it might be best to give us a call before trekking down.

photos from our weekend via instagram - making remnant badges for the show, the first snowfall, my kids are always around us when we work and they work on their own projects which is great to see - piper is always making art and lliam works on his many stories (this kid is either going to be an engineer or a novelist) and part of my weekend was spent putting straps on bags, this process is very time consuming when you're doing it on one sitting and attaching straps on hundreds of bags.

have a great start to your week !!


  1. It was really good seeing you on Friday xo

  2. Good luck with all the installation & the last preparations for the show ! xoxo

  3. good luck with the busy holiday season business!


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