hi everyone
I hope you had a nice weekend.
we were at the qwac all weekend - the saturday was a bit brutal with the downpour and cool temperatures, my booth was muddy and soupy.  I was surprised that folks came out on that day, sunday was much better with the rain stopping and the sun making an appearance, but I was freezing (should of worn my parka) but all and all it was a good show, but I think the extreme temps made my decision clear that it might be my last outdoor show.  I like my comforts and will be sticking to indoor shows.

the next few days will be preps for the puces pop show and getting all the online orders sent out.  thanks so much for the calendar purchases - I was so happy to see a lot of regular names that had purchased them in years passed.  I was also happy to see them flying off the shelves on sunday.  I am making the french version today and if anyone is interested in one, just put in the note to seller that you want it.

john has had to shut down his studio, but still making smaller work - I was thinking back to the days when he made these amazing up cycled chairs - his attention to detail is incredible.  also lately there has been a lot of requests for aprons, and I am thinking of doing a small run with different shapes and sizes and using these cafe ones I did as a reference.

have a great start to your week!


  1. Love the chair and the print, fabric and the apron.....love it all

  2. That chair is incredible and you know your aprons are well used and loved in this household :)

  3. This café apron is just wonderful. John is an amazing craftsman, he has gold in his hands.
    Sorry the weather wasn't nice for the outdoor show. Maybe it was a sign for you to stick with indoor shows.

  4. That chair is so wonderful. And the printed fabric is beautiful. What a very talented pair you are. I think it's probably a good idea to stick to indoor shows now, it is definitely getting colder. Glad to hear your lovely calendar is selling so well, I am not surprised though, it's great. Hope you both have a good week.

  5. It is a simply, beautiful chair. Your linens are equally beautiful. Thank you for making and sharing your creations.


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