hi everyone
I hope you had a lovely weekend - we sure did - I wanted to highlight a bit of our weekend via instagram, there was extra time spent with the kids making up for the week they were away, they sure didn't mind all the extra attention.  by the weekend j was back to his old self and on the mend so he was anxious to get out of the studio too.  friday we went with my sister and her family to check out taste of the danforth, umm bad mistake. there were moments that it felt like a good idea but the crowds were insane and I think that I would prefer sitting in one of the danforth restaurants and enjoying a quiet meal instead of battling crowds and waiting in huge line ups for food, but the kids enjoyed the concept. we checked out the junction flea and it was nice going as a visitor, so much more relaxing than feeling the panic that you have to go back to your booth. we ended the weekend enjoying a meal with j's sister and catching up, it's always great going to her place because she has two kids lliam and piper's age and they are fully entertained while we hangout. she lives near dutch dreams so we headed there after dinner.

I can't believe the kids go back to school in three weeks, I feel like this summer is slipping away -yikes!

I hope you have a great start to your week!


  1. i too really dislike crowds, I guess that is why you always see me visiting events bright and early. I am so happy J has made a full recovery. Oh and that lil p is looking like a beautiful young lady now.

  2. It blows my mind to see how much Piper has grown this year! And even more beautiful by the minute :) I'm glad you guys enjoyed a lovely weekend.

  3. Piper is so adorable! Where does time go?

  4. Piper looks like a lovely young girl! Wow!


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