we had another black out yesterday that lasted well into 5 hours - it happened midway into the work day and there was lots of sewing for me to do and I was so annoyed, we were at the mercy of the hydro company and j and I decided to take the kids to buy them and  myself clothes for an upcoming cousin's wedding.

I think it's rather funny that I make things to sell, yet am not a big fan of shopping.  I went looking for a dress that would fit and that I would like.  I am not a picky dresser but I do know what I like and even though shopping was a nice distraction from the power outage - I was pretty frustrated - I would like the style and cut of something but it would be in a horrible synthetic material that made me sweat the moment I put it on.  we were out for three hours shopping - thank goodness I have a patient family - by hour three I was ready to wear jeans and a t-shirt to this wedding.  j had other things he needed to find so we separated to better manage our time and I took lliam with me and he was just as determined as I was to find me a dress. I went to the last store feeling defeated and just as I was ready to walk out the door, I spotted a colour I liked in the corner of my eye and there it was the perfect blue coloured linen dress.  the change rooms had a huge line so I threw it over what I was wearing and with lliam's encouragement bought it and afterwards lliam and I ran to find j as if we won the lottery.  

looking at beautiful flowers and plants keeps my mind off this humidity.
flowers being arranged in the first photo by crown flora


  1. i'm glad you found something you like eventually. it can be hard to navigate through all the synthetics out there...

    i hope you have a blackout-free day!

  2. i bet that blue linen dress looks gorgeous on you. i hate shopping too , especially for myself. I never try anything on and i prefer second hand well worn in clothing. One day I would love an assortment of bookhou garments.

  3. i understand your frustrations, i believe quite few people have the same feeling when shopping in the high street, i get frustrated too. glad you found something you like and yes it feels a bit like you won the lottery! ;)

  4. I'm sure if you hadn't found anything, you could have whipped something up pretty easily. Because you're excellent enough for this ! (but phew for having found something to your taste !!!) ;-) xoxo

  5. I have often thought that your wonderful indigo apron could eventually evolve into a beautiful indigo linen dress, so who knows, maybe this one is your cue to a new design in between the two, and so the black out was a blessing in disguise :o)

    Linen is such an incredible fabric, light, strong and soft at the same time, sensual and fresh. I can't tell you how happy I am to use your oatmeal linen tea towels every day.

  6. Oh and Arounna, do you know the name of this herb on the bottom right? I have picked a similar on the hill yesterday to look it up, but I am not sure they are the same... They grow among wild thyme and they are not much bigger, but some of them are a few inches taller and are crowned by a small umbrella of tiny white flowers. To me it looks like a miniature aneth plant - is there such a thing?

  7. I hate shopping too for the same reasons. If I really need something, I try to find it online, but as I found when shopping for a recent wedding, that can be hard too! I'm glad you found something you like!


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