I wanted to dedicate today's post on the two lovely ladies that help me out each day in the studio. j is a huge part of the studio, he divides his time with making meals for the kids and helping me with cutting leather or anything else I might need and working in his own studio, so we don't spend the whole day together like I do with my mom and christina.

up until last year I did everything by myself (completely insane and I don't know how I did it).  my mom has been living in france for twenty years, a lot of family lives there including her late father. a few years ago her husband passed away and things were starting to change where she was and she felt that it was time to come back to canada to spend more time with her grandkids and also to help me with the growing business.  she bought a condo a few blocks away from our building and came on as a full-time employee mainly helping with the sewing.  people use to wonder how I use to do things by myself and I always told them that I sewed really fast, and to think my mom is even faster. when she went back to france for a month visit in the spring, I actually closed down the online shops - each day with her gone it became apparent that she was vital part of the studio and it was difficult to keep up without her, so her vacations are now limited to two weeks, but she's trying to squeeze me into letting her go for three weeks.

I met christina when she was a student at sheridan in the textiles program, the last year of her program she had to do a work placement and she chose our studio, when she came on as an intern we hit it off and the kids liked her (especially piper, who repeatedly asks us to have christina live with us) - her internship ended and she graduated from school and was looking for work and since I already had her as an intern - I knew that it would work out.  she has a strong work ethic and in the studio she does most of the fabric cutting and some printing - and she's the one that packages up all your orders, and I can't forget to mention that she's the lovely model in the product photos.  it still amazes me that she drives in from hamilton each day.

so thank you mom and christina for helping me each day and making it less stressful and fun for me and I am very fortunate to have great people around me!

have a great weekend everyone, I hope to do some indigo dying this weekend, I don't have to be precious about the deck out back, since very soon it will all be ripped out. if you're not following me on instagram - please do, I try to have different content over there. bye for now !



  1. it's nice to hear more about the people behind the scenes.

    i just got my birthday present early and i love it so much!! i can't wait to bring it everywhere. (i love that it fits my laptop!) i'm sure you'll be seeing it on instagram in the near future :)

    have a lovely weekend!

    1. that's wonderful news - happy early birthday :-)

  2. Three cheers for the lovely Bookhou team! As the lucky recipient of many Bookhou orders, I know you've all played a vital part. Thanks so much!
    Diana x

  3. I am so happy your mom has moved back to Canada.

  4. What a blessing for all of you...to work together with people you love, doing work that you love. Pretty special.

  5. What a sweet post of gratitude. How wonderful to have your mom with you and Christina too, and a talented husband who will also cook!
    Happy weekend :)


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