hello friends,
did you have a lovely weekend? ours was filled with visiting family and friends, the best kind of weekends I must say - unfortunately I don't do it often enough.  I know that some work things would be neglected, but you have to hit the pause button every now and then.  

one of our visits was to see margie - she is an awesome friend who made me a beautiful vat of indigo - I can't wait to use it. I have to get some more indigo powder and the other ingredients so that I can replenish it after it gets used, because it will get used a lot!

I refer to margie's home as the land of resurrection fern, I am serious it is a magical place, her home is on the corner of the street and one of it's key features is a large wrap around porch. when we pulled up she was tending her lush garden - she immediately greeted us with hugs and quickly put cold drinks in our hands - hanging out on her porch is so calming and peaceful - she had beautiful music playing and friendly cats to greet you. when we went to the backyard to look at the indigo vat she had beautiful textiles hanging on the line, some had been recently dyed.  also displayed in the backyard were the treasures that she found earlier in the day at yard sales.  if I could I would spend many hours on the porch chatting, laughing and dreaming with m.  thanks again friend for all your support and kindness.

enjoy the start to your week everyone! we have added wholesale orders to the mix and we will have our heads down today working very hard.


  1. wow very beautiful photos!

  2. Margie is da best, and her house will always remain in my mind (& heart) a magical place where I got to meet the most special persons. I'm so glad you two live close by & that you can see each other on a regular basis. I so wish I could do that too. (sigh) Sending you, Margie & Geninne my warmest hugs xoxo

  3. when you are in the midst of renovation madness you , john, liam and piper should come up to stay for a weekend. I would really love that.

  4. What a delightful post! The photography is remarkable. Am wondering if Margie made that awesome rock jacket?

  5. She's awesome like that :) Thank you for snapping these gorgeous photos for us that are far away and missing you guys!

  6. I got a little confused when I moved on to catch up on your blog because I was looking at some of the very same pictures I had just looked at on Margie's blog! Then I read your post and realized what had happened!


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