a work in progress - j is now concentrating on smaller items since his studio will be dug up and he won't have access to certain equipment.  if you walk by our shop you will wonder what those glass things are, they are for lamps. this one in particular will be a pendant light, the top handle part  he turned on the lathe and will have a rope wrap around it to hang it.  I really like the details j used with the vegetable tanned leather washers and brass hardware.  I can't wait to show you what it looks like when it's finished.  I will try to show you more of what he's up to.   I am excited that his sm bell jar lamp is being picked up this week for a photo shoot, I hope it gets included in the magazine feature.


  1. john is such an artist
    I love this lamp

  2. this is really beautiful! I hope you post what they look like hung

  3. It's amazing! He's SO talented!

  4. Gorgeous! Is it possible some of his work will make it into the online shop?

    1. hi kat,
      probably not because of the it's fragility, thanks for your interest


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