thank you so much for all your support at yesterday's sale 
it was pretty overwhelming all the support we get - it's a real pleasure to see familiar names that have been with us for so long, and of course all the new friends too.

I think that I pretty much got all of the manifest printed so that it should be arriving at your doorstep soon.

earlier in the week I instagrammed this bag and it got such a great response and I have made steps to making this bag as part of the collection.  I have to resolve a few dimension things and wait for all the hardware, I finally got ones that I am happy with and proud of.  I'm not sure if I will have this particular print available but I thought the shoot for it went so well and that I should share the photos anyways.

I'm going to sign off early this week, I have lots to catch up on.  I hope to see you back here monday.
have a great weekend friends!! xxa


  1. A zipper ? Straps ? Awesome !!
    Sure it will sell like hot buns, I'm sure lots of people are going to love these new features !

  2. I LOVE this one! I've become addicted to Bookhou!

  3. I love this bag!!!! good job Arounna!

  4. love the new bag design! great size and features - very practical! looks great in that print too. can't wait to see what else you make it in!

  5. Pretty! Works really well with the fabric. You should print more for sure :)

  6. Love that print. It's a very nice one

  7. Hello Arouna !
    I love this gorgeous bag, and i just want to have one of it ! Congrats ! You're very talented. Julie, a french client and admirer. Julie

  8. I have fallen in love with this particular bag, and would love it in that print or the grey version of that same print. Your products are wonderful and I love the fact I'm supporting a Canadian company.

    Can't wait to place my order!

  9. This is EXACTLY the kind of bag I need! Look forward to ordering one. Please make them soon! Thanks, Arounna, for your wonderful designs!

  10. Love love LOVE! Let me know when we can order!


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