hi everyone,
I hope you had a great mother's day yesterday - the morning started off with yummy food prepared by j and the kids, I'm a light sleeper and I kept hearing j hushing the kids saying mommy needs to sleep more (yeah he's pretty amazing).  I had all kinds of things planned for the day that involved being outside but it was the craziest day with rain and hail and big winds so we drove around instead making a few stops and one of them was picking up a bike for piper.  she found one that had a baby seat in the back and when we were assembling it, we noticed that it came with a mini helmut and piper spent hours circling the shop with hedgey in the back.  

making more drop cloth pouches - it will be posted in a few days, trying out a curve bottom.
thanks to everyone who bought the new pouches over the weekend.

enjoy the start to your week - I hope it will warm up again.


  1. Aw that's adorable !
    So glad to hear you've had a great Mother's Day in spite if the rain.


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