hello there,
I hope you had a great weekend - seeing elements of spring sure puts a bounce in my step.  my mom came in on the weekend and helped me right away, I am so lucky to have her help me.  when she left, I thought to myself, sure I'll be fine - it's only a month, boy was it hard not having her help me with the sewing - the piles got bigger and bigger everyday and projects I wanted to start on had to be delayed each day, and with her only in the studio for a few days I am already noticing improvements on the piles and my stress level.

I wanted to tell you the news that we licensed out our trivet design to the company that we purchase the felt from and they will be producing them and we will be getting a royalty every time they sell one.  this side of the business is completely new to me and at first I wasn't sure, but I think that eventually I won't be able to do everything and it's nice to have an item that you don't have to worry about on the production side of things.  another good reason to do this is that we will have access to more colours.

later in the week I will have the new pouches listed - plus new large pouch designs.

have a great start to your week! xxa


  1. hurray for all the newness that spring brings in nature and in everyone's spirit.

  2. Celebration! How wonderful for your licensing contract and that your mom is back. Can't wait to see the new designs - am trying to patiently wait for the small storage piece on its way to me - and love the pouches I got from the flash sale. Thanks so much for everything!!

  3. That's great news! The trivet is probably a great way to step into licensing and see what is working for you, especially considering the company you licensed with! Sounds like a great match:)


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