after work yesterday I was skipping down the street singing with the kids "spring is HERE, spring is HERE!!" what this means is after work walks to trinity bellwoods park with several stops a long the way for treats and cold drinks.  when you enter the park there was a happy vibe from everyone. after running and playing in the park we strolled up to college street to one of our favourite eateries for fish sandwiches, we sat on the patio and enjoyed the warm sun on our faces.

tomorrow is an exciting day in the studio because my mom is returning - to commemorate we cleaned the sewing area and put in a few built-ins to make it more efficient and I finally got a new ironing table, my mom did not enjoy using my vintage warpy one.  also tomorrow we are celebrating my brother's last day of a "job" as he enters self-employment, crown flora has been flourishing and it was an obvious decision that he had to spend more time at the studio.

on friday the triangle zip totes will return to the shop
plus the small round storage containers will also be available!!


  1. what a fantastic joyful positive post! Give your mom a big hug from me, looking forward to seeing her again soon. Way to go Davis and Adam!

  2. Lovely photos and lovely way to describe the end of a day :)

  3. Yay for spring and visits to the park! I'm so happy for Crown Flora Studio's success! :) Great news all around.

  4. what a lovely afternoon! thanks, this made me smile.

  5. What Margie said !! What an energizing post, so full of positive & sunny vibes !
    So happy spring is finally showing up properly !
    Yay for your mom's return & woohoo for Davis' last day of being an employee of someone !


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