there's still so much to prepare today for tomorrow's city of craft show
but one thing that is ready is the fabric christina and I have been working hard on.  we spent some time yesterday photographing all of it for the the online shops and hopefully have it posted next week, but for now here's a peek at some of the prints and colour ways - the second photo is how we are packaging them. we also prepared some scrap packs (not really scraps) decent size pieces with a variety of prints.  I am really happy at how they all turned out and how nicely both of our prints work together.

tomorrow at the show I will also have - seconds (variety of things), pouches (I'm changing the design so these ones have to go), leather remnants, fabric remnants and of course some regular products.  plus the kids will have things for sale too.  come early!!!

I hope to see you there, but if I don't see you - have a great weekend!
it's getting warmer here and so nice to put the heavy coats and boots away.


  1. Excited to see them all in person

  2. These are so beautiful. Have a wonderful show - am waiting to see what comes back and goes in the shop and then will be sending you an order. Great weekend to you and yours!

  3. These fabrics are so beautiful. I can't wait to visit your shop again when we are in Toronto in July.


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