I feel like the kids are a reflection of parts of who we are and our personalities, I'm not sure if I'm projecting but the older piper gets I feel like she is more and more like me.  there are elements of lliam that is similar to me but he is definitely a lot like his dad. having my little girl be so interested in being a maker is the best feeling, from a tiny age she always found happiness making something with her hands and she would proclaim that she wants to grow up and make things just like me (which makes me melt when ever she would say that) I admire all of her creations.

her most recent piece made from playdoh, leather remnant from a field bag strap and a twist tie. 


  1. With two highly artistic, creative & loving parents, I'm not surprised at all ... :) xoxox

  2. i saw this link and video yesterday and of course it reminded me of piper and her love of using masking tape to make art. Her art makes me happy.

  3. Very lovely! Keep encouraging that! I have 2 daughters so I can relate so much to all you said! I see them grow and become a better version of myself in many ways... As long as they are happy and passionate about what they want to do; they are little sponges that absorb the creativity, the love of art, the sensibility that surrounds them.

  4. I'm also a Piper fan :) Love her creations.

  5. Kid art has that inimitable quality. It's really precious. Your kids are blessed to grow up in a creative and loving environment. I hope they "surpass" you in the future - I mean that in the most positive, supportive, hopeful way. I hope that for my own kid too.

  6. oh what a heart melting moment


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