hi everyone,
this weekend in toronto, the weather was more like spring.  with good weather brings out more folks to visit the shop and it was a busy weekend. 

it's been a week without my mom in the studio and it's been a bit chaotic, how did I do it before with no help?  christina has been great in the studio and she came in an extra day to do packaging and shipping of all the wall art from the successful collaboration with geninne.

the one thing that I try to not do in the studio is have unfinished piles - and this weekend I sat down with a few good movies and slowly started to clear up some of those piles.  I spent most of my sunday cutting and printing, so more sewing is ahead.

p.s. the crosses zip tote sitting in the pile - they will be listed tomorrow 
~have a great start to your week! xxa


  1. it was great to see you yesterday. I know how much you miss your mom. Any movie recommendations for us?

    1. I was watching hitchcock films - I like how his movies give me a bit of a chill.

  2. Phew, you are SUCH a hard worker! I hope your helper comes back soon... Have a great week!

  3. Amazing how much you produce. That pile!
    We just watched 'The Artist' this past weekend. So good. I love Hitchcock too. Need to get his movies out again. I wouldn't be able to watch while painting. I'd be too distracted. I'll have to stick to music. :)


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