hello everyone
hope your weekend was nice and relaxing.
we had a fun birthday party for lliam yesterday and afterwards I had to lay down for a few minutes, piper was right beside me, she was tired too.  I guess with lliam getting older, his friends are too and now I know why parents rent out places for these parties.  it allows the kids to go nuts and you don't have to worry about anything breaking.  so next year maybe that's what we'll do.  here's a few hightlights from the party - the smashing of the tower was pretty fun - I love that photo of piper sitting by herself - it pretty much summed up how I felt too.

I am really excited to have my mom return on friday, I can't believe it's been almost a month since she's been away.  I talk to her every other day and I kept telling her how the piles of work is growing and she shrugs it off - always saying how she's not afraid of too much work. 

in the next few days I will finally have the small round storage in the shop - and I will also be reassessing some bag designs, I think I have too much and I also have some new ones I want to prototype, now with my mom returning I will have more time to do that sort of thing.  I will be out of the studio for most of the day doing interviews at harbourfront centre for new residents.

p.s. this week we will also have the fabric scrap packs available online.

have a great start to your week! xxa


  1. those are gorgeous photographs and although parties at home are exhausting i do believe they produce the very best memories

  2. I looks like it was great fun, he is beaming! And I know how tiring a flock of young children can be....
    I LOVE Pipers dress!

  3. Happy belated to your big boy!

  4. You and John hosted a perfect party for six year old boys! I love that you provided opportunities for Lliam, Piper and the guests to be active and creative! My children and I have very fond memories of hosting birthday parties at home and we still reminisce after many years! As well, the treat bags look so special! It made me smile to see your photos and read your comments! Well done!

  5. Beautiful photos of both Lliam and Piper. I love the one of her looking at John building the tower. We have had lots of birthday parties here over the years and I do remember the enjoyment I felt when the parents came to retrieve their children. ;)


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