a lot of my drawings for my patterns are just tiny doodles and it's hard to imagine what kind of life they take on once I compose it and print it in a colour onto fabric.  this particular image surprised me, the combination of colour and texture of the linen is just so lovely - not sure how else to describe it.  I plan on making the pouches in three shapes, an oblong size (which I love) the standard pouch size and one that is a bit bigger.  If your like me - you need different sizes for different purposes.  I will be building inventory in the coming week and will let you know when they will be available. they will also have leather pulls, I was just to anxious to photograph them,  I really like how the cross pattern and the scallop one works together.

I just couldn't help but give you a peek at my progress.

p.s. happy birthday adam - much love from all of us!


  1. adam is such a sweetheart and i hope he enjoys the most wonderful birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Adam !
    What a beautiful print you've created here, and the color is refreshing ! :)

  3. Love that you're doing different sizes - can't wait! Hope Adam has a wonderful b-day, too!

  4. i love the colour you chose for this print, so rich and yummy.

    i hope adam has a wonderful birthday.

  5. They are so beautiful.
    I really like that the are based on some of your doodles.
    So pretty doodles, I must say!


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