hi there,
I hope you had a lovely weekend
we were so swamped with things in the studio and at home that the weekend flew buy literally, I was very lucky to have our triangle zip tote be included in design sponge's post  - we have had a flood of orders that I got a head start on this weekend so that we don't fall behind.  and we got such a great response to the new tote which we will be shipping out tomorrow.  what I am starting to learn is that before I launch a new product to make lots of it, so that we can ship it out right away, I know that not everyone can build an inventory first, because sometimes what you might think will sell well doesn't, trust me I know - with the new tote I really liked it and I thought to myself if I really like it, there's got to be other people that would love it too. just so you know all four of us had a hand in making the bag (most bags)

yesterday was a busy day for us, our place was being used for a video shoot for crown flora by hedda film.  it was also piper's film debut, I wasn't around for most of the shoot but I hear she was a real trooper and did everything she was told, it didn't hurt that she got a little treat after each take :-)

above our some photos of vignettes of crown flora's work, I can't wait to see the finished product.
have a great start to your week :-)


  1. so so lovely! LOVE your new tote! LOVE the photos of the flora in your house. xo

  2. i really love that photo of piper shot through the stairs to the top floor.

  3. All the photos are gorgeous! While I'd love a slice of apple and a piece of that yummy bread, by far the best sight is the one of those darling print leggings with the pink tutu and shoes, topped by the grey tee!
    And congrats on this design*sponge feature!

  4. I have to say, I'm one of those ordering the triangle zip tote (my first order and first comment on your blog), but it was purely coincidence that my order was placed concurrent with the Design Sponge post. I've admired your bags from afar for a long time, and decided that it was finally time for a treat!... and now I'm planning my next order, possibly the ABCs for my little one's nursery? Thank you for all of the great designs and inspiration!

  5. I LOVE Pipers outfit! so original :-)

  6. I miss your home, studio & shop. I have some amazing memories in there.

  7. I love your home arounna! I love the white open stairs. I would love that in our house but I am always afraid Eloise might fall through! Maybe when she's older??

    1. I was the same way, and piper still walks down the stairs a little cautiously, but they get use to it.


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