with the grey skies and colder temps - it was nice to have some of crown flora's terrariums in the shop, the pop of green made the days feel brighter and making me excited for spring to arrive.  I can't believe that the spring craft show is litterally around the corner, my mom was suppose to leave for france in over a week and I asked her to stay until the end of the craft show and she agreed - yeah!!
also the popular triangle zip tote and lines zip tote is back in the shop
I am loving photographing everything in front of the chalkboard wall.


  1. great news about your mom
    I hope I get to see you and her again soon

  2. The bag is just like I would love it. With the zipper, I am glad you put zippers after all!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Heart that bag. It was this bag that drew me to your shop and blog. One of my favorite pieces. Can you even call it a classic? xxoo

  4. Yay for mom staying!!! Those terrariums would brighten anyone's day, they're so gorgeous!

  5. lovely lovely pieces you create! and i am so glad to see those plants.

    Best wishes,



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