we sometimes forget to photograph j's work before he ships them out - we made sure to get a few shots of this one, one day I hope he makes me one :-)

j's window print on pouches in a charcoal grey - over here 

the studio is a bit chaotic with shipping out orders and making inventory for the spring craft show and I feel like my eyes blur up and everyday I try my best to stay focus and not get distracted by moving from one thing to the next and have a bunch of unfinished projects, by the weekend I hope I get caught up with some of my tasks .  poor lliam is sick and he's been curled up in a ball and his little sister won't leave him alone, so j distracted her by baking a cake and it was so yummy, it was a spice cake with a hint of ginger. 


  1. ah poor liam , not at all fun having anyone in the household sick when there is so much production going on. That john is one of a kind, making furniture, designing textiles, caring for sick children and on top of that baking cakes.

  2. Poor lliam. I hope he feels better soon. And that bench is to die for!

  3. I was going to say what Margie said. I hope L will get better soon.
    I'm dreaming of a house designed by (Geninne's) Manolo & all the furniture designed & made by John & Manolo.
    Oh wow, the daydream !!!!

  4. what an amazingly gorgeous table! i love it.

  5. John is one in a million! that table is just breathtaking and his window print looks amazing on the pouch! One day I will buy one of Johns benches, even if I have to carry it on foot all the way from Toronto! ;-)


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