hi everyone,
I hope you had a lovely weekend - this is the last week of february and I just can't believe how fast time  flies, life is an interesting thing - life is short, I don't think it's difficult to be kind to each other, that's what we need more in life is more kindness, more understanding and more patience.  

j is working on a new tea towel design, and it's going to be owlrific :-)

I'm really honoured to have my diy project included in this book
check out the book's trailer

enjoy the start to your week !


  1. Congrats once again!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. wise words and similar sentiment to my blog post today:)
    oh and i love to see john paint. You should shoot a video of it.

  3. I echo Margie's thoughts - a video of John painting would be so interesting! Can't wait to see the owl - love those majestic, magic birds.
    Congratulations on the book - you're in some big company.

  4. I discovered your work with Gennine. And I love it! Congratulations for so much creativity!


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