I will always keep this blog and will always write here, but I have to admit fb and instagram is so immediate that they are my new favourites ways to connect with you.  if your not already following either, please do so.  I try my best to keep the content different so that you not getting the same thing a few times over.

I am finding it harder to get decent photos with the light we've been getting.  I made this bag awhile back and didn't get decent photos till recently.  I only made a short run, I really like that the scale of the bag crops the print nicely.

you can find the small day bag in the stones print here.


  1. i love instagram and find it so fun and easy to post spontaneously. I also love that it doesn't have instant links so really is non commercial in that way. Could you make this bag with a very short strap for lilith so she can match her mommy.

  2. Oh, wat a great pattern en model!

  3. I LOVE your stones print! Yeah, Instagram is pretty great, I can't believe I used to loathe it at the beginning. If I had to keep just one I would definitely keep Instagram.


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