I wanted to make a grey version of the field bag - to go with my gray uniform.
you can find it here
I was saying to j when I was a teenager I wore mostly black and now I'm into shades of grey and twenty years from now - will I be into mostly whites and creams? 


  1. love it in the grey. i have never been much into black but i love wearing grey...but whites are rare since i always get them dirty!

  2. I think my black stage of life was more like shades of brown and then I started adding more and more colour to my life. I hope I will get to see the colours you wear in twenty years.

  3. I love grey too. Such a soothing, elegant colour. I've worn a lot of black over the years but try to push myself to wear more colours now. The bag is beautiful.

  4. I got my bag in the mail. It's perfect ! And goes so well with the kind of clothes I wear... Thank you so much. I hope I'll be able to visit your store in Canada one of these days.

  5. May I had it is aging beautifully (especially the leather strap). Perfect size to run little errands in the city!


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