I hope you had a lovely weekend,
we had unusually warm temperatures, all the fluffy snow is gone and parts of the weekend it rained mostly.  I had a whack of orders that I prepared to have ship out monday and it's so good to have all that completed, and I am spending my monday cutting fabric.  

I was looking for a specific image and I found this piece that I had done a while ago, it's paper that I spun and created this funnel like shape, what's most interesting to me is the shadow it casts.  I miss making these pieces and I hope that I will have more time and when we break ground in the spring and my studio gets expanded I hope to create an area to devote to this creative side of me.

thank you for all the birthday wishes to piper - have a great start to your week 


  1. What a beautiful and gentle piece

  2. i would love one day to see an exhibition of all your work over the years or perhaps a book. It would be phenomenal.

  3. I adore your sculptural pieces! and I agree with M :-)


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