during craft show madness, I didn't have time to take photos of some of the new bags I was selling, one of them being the stones pattern in the zipper tote style.  I think this combo and pattern is so lovely and the stones pattern is definitely a new favourite of mine.

one of the many conversations I had with customers at the show was how you should make work that you would wear or use in your everyday.  if you try to be something your not - your true potential doesn't shine through, I strongly believe that you can only count on your own aesthetic and your own ideas - when you venture elsewhere you lose a bit of who you really are.

tomorrow is a giveaway for some new goods I will be selling soon in the shop.  another day of hammering and pressing and I am ready for montreal!


  1. this is referred to as lili's mommies bag in our house :)

  2. I saw you guys at OOAK, Your shop and everything in it is stunning! Curious do you actually have an open to public boutique on Dundas West or is it just your studio? I'd like to pop in sometime in the new year.

    Happy Holidays :)

    1. yes - it's a storefront and studio
      we are open till dec. 23 rd and closed till after jan. 1

  3. My friends who live in Toronto sent me a link to your shop with a note that said your stuff reminds them of me. I was most flattered by the compliment.

    I have a soft spot for the lines print but this stones one is a beauty.

  4. Love this Arounna, I can see I shall be tempted to another tote sometime. For now, I'm eagerly looking forward to a certain delivery!

    Diana x

  5. the bag is georgeous, can't wait for it to be available!


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