before I left for montreal I wanted a flat pouch for myself to carry my things in.  this vees flat pouch is such a nice size to put the smaller things in and I can just throw it in my backpack. I'm really enjoying using the little leather snap pouch to carry my credit cards and money, they sold out at puces pop -  I am hoping to have some time to make more and use up my remnant leather stash. lately these days have been about making and experimenting and no definite production schedule which is kind of a nice change.  we are winding down and I am so happy I slowed down everything so that I could catch my breath.


  1. we are glad you have slowed down to
    breathing is essential
    hope you and I can have a chance for some slow stitching together next week.
    much love

  2. ooh. i love your little leather pouch. hope there will be more soon for sale. i also adore the zippered bag and the pattern on it - got to have one. glad you are settling in at a pace that brings you joy. peace.

    1. I will have more in the shop after the 31st
      thanks for your interest

  3. Love ALL of them! That wee little felt flowered blue pouch (?) is adorable, too!

    Blessed Solstice and rest to you and your family ~


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