hi there,
did you have a nice weekend? it was unusually warm here - the sun was beaming all weekend and it was almost warm enough to leave your coat behind.  I am in the thick of show prep with the set-up being tomorrow and things are falling into place nicely.  I find that when times are hectic it's nice to have a great support team and I don't think I could pull these kind things off without all the help I get from j - he's the best at personalizing my booth. I wanted a kind of peg board to display the bags, in past years I would screw wood dowels into the wall and it would leave me with little room for display variations as well it made unsightly holes in the wall, this peg wall provides so much more options.  I am also going to finally have a full length mirror in the booth, I use to have a small one that I would hold up and it was always a bit awkward.  j made such a beautiful frame for it. 

and I couldn't get by without sewing help from my mom, she would of come sooner but she was enjoying a much deserved trip in thailand. she's a much faster sewer than I am, which says a lot, because I'm pretty fast.

I am so thankful to all of you who participated in the bag giveaway over at fb, it was interesting to see which bag you would choose, I will announce the winner later in the day.  I will also have the bags back in the shop hopefully this week.

have a great monday friends! what a great week it's going to be, xxa


  1. cant wait to see your new booth design but the very best thing about your booth is you !!

  2. Hope the show goes extremely well for you Arounna! I love the image of your mom's hands at work- so inspiring!

  3. I am SO happy I'll be able to visit you at the OOAK and check out your set up in person! Can't wait to see you and meet your mom :-)

  4. Oh how much I would love to be able to come visit you at the OOAK show, and visit Margie & Geninne & Nicole as well ...
    I hope you'll take a couple of pic of your booth on IG or here. You are such a pro, and of course so is your talented John.


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